Truffle Cluster

Truffle Cluster

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Cook Kitchen Misc (Exterior) Professions (Crafting) Vales of Anduin Yard/Furniture

“A lucky pod of mild summer truffle.”

Decoration Slot: Yard/Furniture
Way to obtain: Recipe : Vales of Anduin Reputation + Profession : Cook
Price: 10 Gúlmark
Unbound – Item can be traded or sold to other players

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One comment

  1. Shatterbone

    When the [Pile of Ironfold Soil] issue was fixed and we were able to make these, I made one. I put in on the floor in my house. I looked at it.

    First thought: “Oh, joy. [Fine Boar-droppings] for my living room.” LOL

    It works well in my kitchen, up on a shelf waiting to be sliced into paper-thin slices to add to scrambled eggs, or maybe a lovely stew.


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