Long Gondorian Rug
Long Gondorian Rug

Long Gondorian Rug

Long Gondorian Rug

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LotRo Store Rugs


"A long red rug with a detailed pattern."

Decoration Slot: Yard/Furniture
Way to obtain: LotRO Store
Price: 195 LotRO Points 
Bound to Account– Item cannot be traded or sold to other players

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      1. Thank you so much for the help, I ended up finding it. I think there must have been a bug or something last time i looked for it. Cause the only thing that showed up under any part of the housing tap in the LOTRO Store was the Gondorian Scholar’s Study. I feel a little foolish now. But it’s okey. Cause my new rug was just the perfect thing my living room needed.


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