Hrímil Frost-heart in Effigy
Hrímil Frost-heart in Effigy

Hrímil Frost-heart in Effigy

Hrímil Frost-heart in Effigy

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Gundabad Raid Instances Small-sized Wall Items Wall
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Decoration Slot: Wall
Way to obtain: Drop from The Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra Raid (Gundabad) - Final boss
Price : -
Item :
Bound to account - Item cannot be traded or sold to other players

Thanks to Eorlthain !

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One comment

  1. Uulanel

    I’d hate to say this, but the cosmetics for this raid have been very low effort so far; For housing items I was hoping for more than just a mounted head and the chest from Bloody Threshold with some ice underneath it. Doesn’t help that the gear sets are ugly as sin appearance-wise; I’ve really liked the appearances of the raid gear up until this point so this was a big disappointment for me.


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