Before the Shadow (U34) is now live!
Before the Shadow (U34) is now live!

Before the Shadow (U34) is now live!

Before the Shadow (U34) is now live!

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Update 34 “Before the Shadow” is now live, and it brings many new deco items for our homes!

Today is update day, and since servers are back up, you may wonder where you can acquire those new deco items we’ve been talking about a few weeks earlier.

Before the Shadow - New decoration items

New deco items coming with Before the Shadow (U34)

There are many new items coming with this new expansion pack. Some are coming with new reputations barterers and new content, but many were added to old barterers.

I am starting the process of updating D&Co du Milieu with the new deco items added ingame. This will take some time tho, so don't expect all new items to be on the website before a few days, or maybe even weeks. 

I will start working on those new items tonight, so don't forget to check the website from time to time to see what's new. 

You'll find below a list of barterers who have received new items to acquire. 

As you might have guessed, I've got plenty of work ahead of me! With over 300 new deco items, I've got my work cut out for the next few weeks.

Note: the following lists will be updated as I go.

Latest update: 12/21

What has been added on the website:

To do list:


  • Quests (+?)
  • Instances (+?)
  • Skirmish (+?) 

Enjoy the new update, and I'll keep you updated ;).

Back to work!

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